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Armando Mayo MarquezLegajo de Certificación: RL93E

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Disponibilidad Laboral: FullTime

"Profesional de t.i. desde 2005 desarrollador cobol, algol, c, tuxedo, java, shell script - banamex soporte de infra en linux para aplicaciones tuxedo, weblogic, oracle, websphere mq -amdocs/at&t usa"



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Certificación Programador ABAP Nivel Inicial

Certificación de estudios en Programador ABAP Nivel Inicial
Certificado de Egreso Programador ABAP Nivel Inicial
Número de Matrícula: 9290

Perfil Personal:



-----Infoware (Mexico city)----- 2005 - 2011

-System analysis, design, development and maintenance of banking systems (Citigroup - Banamex)
-Applying and reinforcing knowledge in different platforms including Unisys, Tandem (OSS), HP-UX, Windows.
-Development in different banking systems using Cobol, Algol, C, Tuxedo, Shell, Java, Sql, DMSII.
Projects for Banamex(Citigroup):
System S274(Electronic Payment System) COBOL & ALGOL in UNISYS
System S707(Traditional Collection) C Tuxedo in TANDEM
System S016-690(Clients) IBM
Different Systems Weblogic Migration 8.1 to 9.2. JAVA & Weblogic
System C270_030 ATENEA Tuxedo Migration 8.1 to 9.2. C & Shell in HP-UX
Intelar Developing apps. C, Shell sobre HP-UX y Windows
C415_191 Familiar Credit Collection Development of Web Application and services. Java, jsp, C tuxedo, Weblogic 9.2 in HP-UX, Oracle
S800_015 Black lists – Test support and liberation of Web application and services. Java, jsp, C tuxedo, Weblogic 9.2 in OSS & HP-UX, Oracle
S620_305 Bancanet JFP Migration – Backfill Cards Team. Support for the Project administration
-----KIO Networks (Mexico city)----- 2011 - 2012
-Administrator of the solutions by BMC looking for the Business Service Assurance
-Tasks include installation and configuration of Patrol clients for Monitoring servers(Windows & Linux), apps and DBs
-Portal and ProactiveNet integration with Patrol for a real time views and access to clients
-Remedy used as centralized tool for action requests
-Configuration of several alerts, thresholds and parameters personalized by clients.
-----Global Hitss (Guadalajara) - Infra Support for Telegence Amdocs - AT&T----- 2012 - 2019
-Infra Support for OSS Telegence client Amdocs - AT&T. Working as part of PPET Team (PreProduction and Environment Team)
-100% English communication onsite team is located in USA and India
-We create and maintain Dev & QA Tuxedo environments HP-UX and Linux
-Scrum and Agile methodologies applied
-Linux Admin activities related to users, NFSs mount, kernel params tweaking, Network configuration & troubleshooting with tcpdumps and traceroute
-Monitor and troubleshoot issues for all Tux, configure alerts, SSH alerts, DB issues
-Interaction with Weblogic Apps using WTC(Weblogic Tuxedo Connector)
-Envs are connected to Oracle DBs, we populate DB tables required for CSM code
-Britebill tool (Amdocs Billing tool) new supporting tasks, we help to manually deploy application, validation of Apache, RabbitMQ and own daemons to ensure all the billing is working as expected for all the users
-WebSphere MQ for portability services, we configure queue managers, sender/receiver channels, local/remote queues
-TWS is required for us to configure maps & jobs execution, mostly for batch and DB maintenance
-Administration of all envs using AMC (Amdocs monitoring & Control) GUI that calls shell scripts also created by us
-Every 2 months developers provide new binaries for all Telegence, we get and distribute all code to predefined storage locations and handle Infra required changes
-Q messenger is our standard to communicate with the team and to create new chats for solving issues.
-Issues are administered via AT&T Webtrax. Support for 3rd party SW installation like TWS, Syncsort, Qsel and Focus.
-In the last 4 months we started a new implementation for microservices as part of AT&T CDP(Continuous Deployment Platform), which include coding and deployment tools like Codecloud, Jenkins, AT&T Eco (Pipeline Flows and deployments)



Nivel de Inglés: Avanzado

Universidad La Salle - Ciudad de Mèxico

Ingeniería en Cibernética y Sistemas Computacionales de 2002 a 2005
Empresa Infoware 2005
Programación en Cobol
Empresa HITSS (Amazon Partner):
-AWS Technical Professional (Digital)
-AWS Cloud AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

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